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Hala H.

Born in Lebanon and raised with traditional art practices, Hala Hassan has spent the last ten years building her career as a digital strategist, graphic designer, and illustrator. Her work has been published in Autostraddle, The Seventh Wave, and the Gulf Center for Human Rights, and more, and she often contributes to projects grounded in art activism. Hala continues to use her distinctive one-line drawings to visualize her experience as a queer, alien artist living in New York City.










Latest work

The Human Trap 



‘The Human Trap‘ portrays the failure of the world to reconcile the concepts of evolution and globalization. It addresses the most troubling occurrence of our time: how people continue to be victims of war, discrimination, and border control; how people’s realities and voices are diluted, manipulated, and transformed into weapons of destruction; and how people are alienated as a result of alternative facts, cyberbullying, and virtual walls.


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